Federal Government System

It advocates the importance of Federal Government System for a new democratic Nepal. It recommends ‘Asymmetrical Three Tier Federal Governance Structures’ – Federal (central), State (regional) & Local

Parliamentary System

It advocates ‘Parliamentary System’ of ‘Federal Government’ structures with the upper and lower house of which members are directly elected by the people of the constituencies of states and provinces.v

Diverse Issues

It advocates that the multi-ethnic, multi-language, multi-religion, multi-culture diverse issues of Nepal should be addressed in the provincial government level. Its objective is to establish ‘Federal Democratic Republic Nepal’

Federal Democratic Republic

It advocates the head of the states should be directly elected governors, and head of the provinces (cities and villages) directly elected mayors. Each state and province should have cabinet and legislative assembly.

Historic Achievements

People’s Contributions to Historic Achievements of Jana-Andolan II established the Secular Democratic Nepal. Civil Societies’ leaderships and courage surpassed often the leaderships of established political parties.

Guidance of Civil Society

People of Nepal have trusted Civil Society guidelines more than political parties’ leaderships for last twelve years democracy that ruled over Nepal under unitary feudal governance structures.

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