Legal & Policy

Advocating for Change Through Law and Policy

Our Commitment

At Global Initiative for Change (GIC), we believe in the power of law and policy to enact lasting change. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to influence policy-making, support legal reforms, and ensure compliance with the highest standards of ethics and legality. We stand firm in our commitment to transparency, justice, and the rule of law as we strive to create a more equitable and sustainable world.

Policy Advocacy

Influencing Change at Every Level

Our policy teams engage with lawmakers, stakeholders, and communities to advocate for policies that align with our mission. We analyze, propose, and support legislation that addresses the critical issues of our time.

  • Environmental Policy: Promoting sustainable practices and addressing climate change.
  • Social Justice: Working towards equality and protecting human rights.
  • Economic Development: Supporting fair trade, responsible business, and economic opportunity for all.


Legal Initiatives

Legal Action for Social Impact

We leverage legal mechanisms to fight for justice, challenge unfair practices, and hold accountable those who threaten the common good.

  • Public Interest Litigation: Representing the voiceless and protecting the public’s rights.
  • Legal Aid: Providing access to legal resources and support for those in need.
  • Compliance and Ethics: Ensuring that we, and our partners, operate with integrity and in accordance with the law.

Research & Reports

Informed Action Through Rigorous Analysis

Our research underpins our legal and policy work, providing evidence-based insights into complex issues. We publish reports to inform, engage, and provoke action.

  • Policy Papers: In-depth analysis of policy challenges and opportunities.
  • Legal Analysis: Expert commentary on legal developments and their implications.
  • Position Statements: Our stances on emerging issues and legislative proposals.

Compliance Resources

Resources for Responsible Governance

We provide resources and training for organizations to navigate the complexities of legal compliance and ethical governance.

  • Best Practice Guides: Tools and tips for upholding legal and ethical standards.
  • Training Workshops: Workshops on legal compliance, risk management, and ethical leadership.
  • Regulatory Updates: Regular updates on laws and regulations affecting the nonprofit sector.

Get Involved

Join Us in Shaping the Future

Your voice matters in the fight for a just and fair society. Learn how you can get involved in our legal and policy work through advocacy, volunteering, or by staying informed.

Legal & Policy Contact

Questions or Concerns?

For inquiries related to legal matters, policy questions, or to report a compliance issue, please reach out to our Legal & Policy team at