Advocacy Actions

Your Voice Matters

In our pursuit of change, Global Initiative for Change (GIC) understands that advocacy is a powerful tool for raising awareness and prompting policy change. Through collective action and public engagement, we can address the most pressing issues facing our world today. Join us in our advocacy efforts to drive change and have your voice heard.

Current Campaigns

Be a Part of the Movement

Discover our ongoing advocacy campaigns and learn how you can get involved:

The time for climate action is today. Join us in urging policymakers to commit to sustainable practices and legislation that combat climate change.

  • Petitions: Sign and share petitions demanding action from local and global leaders.
  • Social Media: Amplify our message using #ClimateActionNow on your social channels.
  • Events: Participate in climate marches, workshops, and webinars hosted by CSOE.


Education for Everyone

Every child deserves access to quality education. Advocate for increased funding and policy reforms to make education inclusive and equitable.

  • Letter Writing: Help us influence decision-makers by writing letters advocating for educational reforms.
  • Awareness Campaigns: Share educational materials and stories to highlight the importance of universal education.
  • Community Engagement: Engage with local schools and communities to understand and support their needs.

Our Advocacy Approach
At the heart of our work lies a steadfast commitment to amplifying the voices of civil society. We believe that effective advocacy is rooted in partnership, empowerment, and a deep understanding of the challenges our partners face. Through our multifaceted approach, we equip organizations and individuals with the knowledge, tools, and platform to become catalysts for change.

Advocacy in Action
Our advocacy efforts span a diverse range of critical issues, from climate justice and education equity to universal healthcare access. By cultivating collaborative networks, we foster cross-pollination of ideas and strategies, enabling our partners to learn from one another’s successes and navigate common challenges. Whether it’s supporting grassroots campaigns, facilitating policy dialogues, or empowering community leaders, we are dedicated to creating meaningful and sustainable change.

Your Role in Advocacy
Your participation is the lifeblood of our advocacy work. We invite you to join us in this transformative journey, whether through volunteering, financial contributions, or simply spreading awareness within your own spheres of influence. Together, we can harness the power of collective action to reshape the landscape of civil society and create a more just, equitable, and sustainable world for all.

Health is a Human Right

Access to healthcare should be a universal right. Stand with us to improve health systems and access to medical care for underprivileged populations.

  • Advocacy Workshops: Learn how to be an effective health advocate through our training sessions.
  • Public Speaking: Join our speakers’ bureau and present on health issues at community events.
  • Policy Engagement: Help us shape health policies by participating in discussions with health authorities.

Research and Evaluation

Promoting Data-Driven Decision Making
We assist organizations in developing research and evaluation methodologies to measure the impact of their work. By analyzing data and outcomes, they can make informed decisions and continuously improve their strategies.

Advocacy Training

Empowering Voices for Change
Our advocacy training empowers individuals and groups to effectively campaign for their causes. We cover the essentials of creating advocacy strategies, engaging stakeholders, and leveraging media for social change.

Leadership Forums

Inspiring Visionary Leadership
We host leadership forums that bring together thought leaders, change-makers, and influencers to discuss critical issues, share insights, and inspire action. These forums also serve as incubators for new ideas and approaches to leadership.

Sustainability Planning

Ensuring Long-Term Impact
We guide organizations in developing sustainability plans to ensure the longevity and impact of their work. This includes exploring diverse funding streams, building local partnerships, and embedding practices that ensure their initiatives can endure and thrive.

Let’s Advocate for Change Together

Your participation in our advocacy actions can lead to real change. Whether you’re an individual, a community leader, or a part of an organization, your efforts contribute to our collective voice and the potential to shape a better future.