Our Mission and Goals

CSO Effectiveness seeks to revolutionise philanthropy and nonprofit practice throughout the world with information.

Institutional Goals
More specifically, the CSO Effectiveness Programme seeks to

  • make the work of civil society organisations (CSOs) more accountable, robust and effective through the discipline of transparent reporting;
    enable a more confident, generous and optimal allocation of society’s resources;
  • promote more vibrant, democratic and resourceful civil societies in countries throughout the world; and
  • facilitate collaboration among CSOs and philanthropy across borders.

CSO Effectiveness works with leaders in countries around the world that aggregate and present timely, comprehensive and accurate information about the work of their civil society organisations (CSOs).


Deonte Stroman

CSO Effectiveness is led by Deonte Stroman who held senior positions in business and non profit organisations before founding this society. With the London-based Institute for Philanthropy, he founded CSO Effectiveness, and is now extending the benefits of the model to countries around the globe.

He is also the first point of contact for leaders in countries exploring the opportunities for developing their own civil societies.