Join Together for Strengthening Civil Society

Civil society organizations (CSOs) have a decisive role to play in the development process as innovative agents of change and social transformation.

Why Civil Society Organizations

Civil Society Organization (CSOs) unite people to advance shared goals and interests. All stakeholders — donors, developing country governments, CSOs and communities — have an interest in ensuring that CSOs realize their full potential.

CSOs have recognized their obligation to move forward and drive a process to improve their own effectiveness as development actors. We are planning to launch a global forum on the effectiveness of CSO development.

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Year 2021 Focus - Nepal Civil Society

The principle objective is to supports common cause of people of Nepal for ‘Civil Liberty’, ‘Civil Rights’ & ‘Human Rights’.

  • Advocate people’s Civil Liberty’s guarantee
  • Advocate people’s Civil Rights’ justice
  • Advocate basic Human Rights’ protection


Federal Government System

It advocates the importance of Federal Government System for a new democratic Nepal. It recommends ‘Asymmetrical Three Tier Federal Governance Structures’ – Federal (central), State (regional) & Local

Parliamentary System

It advocates ‘Parliamentary System’ of ‘Federal Government’ structures with the upper and lower house of which members are directly elected by the people of the constituencies of states and provinces.

Diverse Issues

It advocates that the multi-ethnic, multi-language, multi-religion, multi-culture diverse issues of Nepal should be addressed in the provincial government level. Its objective is to establish ‘Federal Democratic Republic Nepal’ 

Federal Democratic Republic

It advocates the head of the states should be directly elected governors, and head of the provinces (cities and villages) directly elected mayors.  Each state and province should have cabinet and legislative assembly.

Historic Achievements

People’s Contributions to Historic Achievements of Jana-Andolan II established the Secular Democratic Nepal. Civil Societies’ leaderships and courage surpassed often the leaderships of established political parties.  

Guidance of Civil Society

People of Nepal have trusted Civil Society guidelines more than political parties’ leaderships for last twelve years democracy that ruled over Nepal under unitary feudal governance structures.

Issues To Resolve

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Challenges Ahead

Our first challenge is our own socio-political and cultural mindsets. Whether we are citizens or politicians or intellectuals or professionals we are confronted with our mindsets of two hundred fifty years of feudal socio-political and cultural way of life embedded in your brain cells.

CA Elections

We all must have consensus to accept the common goal of CA elections. We must again guard our goal from every spectrum of the conspiracies against CA elections. Unless we embrace a common goal unanimously we will not be successful.

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Our Young Achievers

"The Need for Breakthrough Thinking. Many of society’s most pressing problems have been researched, debated and inadequately addressed for decades. "
" We’re committed to improving society with breakthrough thinking and creative action. Insight into programs that have and have not worked in recent years has led Civil Society. Institute to a unique model for addressing society’s most pressing problems. "

Deonte Stroman

Civil Society Systems is led by Deonte Stroman who held senior positions in business and non profit organisations before founding this society. With the London-based Institute for Philanthropy, he founded CSO Effectiveness, and is now extending the benefits of the model to countries around the globe. Among his honours, Deonte Stroman was named Nonprofit Executive of the Year by The Nonprofit Times.

Director of Operations

Meagan Howell

Meagan Howell oversees the ongoing development and operation of Platform. She is also responsible for supporting the operations by working closely with the main institutional partner(s) in each country. Meagan Howell has more than 20 years experience in the IT industry, including 9 years as COO of a leading educational solutions provider and 3 years University of Virginia and College of William & Mary.

Our Advisors

IT Manager

Dominic Collier

Dominic is responsible for assisting in the building and maintenance of Global Common Technology Platform. He has over 26 years experience in the IT sector, primarily in the private sector. He holds a BA in Electronic Engineering from Dublin City University.

Director of Programmes

Katlynn Gorczany

Katlynn’s area of responsibility covers fundraising, communications and policy development. Broadly speaking, this role involves building critical relationships with the institutions and individuals that will support both operations and country-level initiatives.

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